carefully screens hundreds of professionals and freelancers to include only the cream of the crop in their network. The applicants are tested for their skill and then interviewed by a trusted panel of industry gurus, so that only the best can filter through to become a part of our platform.

All you have to do is create a free account and you can gain access to our network of professionals right now!

The top 1% of the best online freelancers-strong English skills,well experienced, highly communicative

Freelancers on EcomBuddy are among the top 1% of the best online professionals in eCommerce, digital marketing, website development, and virtual assistance. They can enter our network only after having gone through a unique interview and testing procedure.

The Ecombuddy Marketplace Interview Process
Worker Application

  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Short answers
  • Internet speed test
  • Typing test

All freelancers are required to submit a worker application form to join EcomBuddy. The information we gather is the applicant’s skill set, work history, Internet speed reliability, insights about their past projects, and their typing speed. We base our decision on strict marketplace standards only.

Interview Sessions for Skills & Expertise Assessment

  • Review work experience
  • Skill specific scenarios from expert
  • Review portfolio

The applicant’s work history is discussed in detail. The appropriate skills that they possess are considered before they are asked industry specific questions. Some might even be placed in real life scenarios so that their practical knowledge can be assessed. Only the most prolific freelancers make it through this segment of the interview.

Interview to Gauge their Attitude

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Work ethic

Applicants on EcomBuddy need to be dedicated and ambitious. They need to possess a positive attitude and should be willing to work hard. Their problem solving abilities, client relations and communication skills are examined here.

Marketplace Ethic & Communication Guidelines

  • Must prove understanding
  • Time off rules
  • Emergencies guidelines
  • Daily updates
  • Using software
  • Communication methods

This is the final step in which applicants are introduced to Marketplace Communication Guidelines and general work ethic. Each applicant is required to imbibe these guidelines and prove with their work and general practices that they understand its policies and best practices. These guidelines and literature govern and include all the above mentioned bullet points and more.

All Freelancers are Required to Maintain High Standards

Every applicant who has been accepted into the EcomBuddy network has to abide by the best practices from the start as they accept their first client. We at EcomBuddy make sure to provide exceptional service to our clients and professionals that do not deliver or fail to follow the marketplace policies are re-evaluated and eventually removed from the network.